Twitter Scavenger Hunt at Seton Hall University

The Twitter Scavenger Hunt allows students to promote their schools by accomplishing various tasks and tweeting about each of them.

1. School Spirit:

2. Favorite eating spot:

3. Professor on the street:

4. Student on the street:

5. Academic Excellence:

6. Scenic spot:

7. Little known fact:

8. Fanatic fan:

9. Extracurricular extravaganza:

10. Freestyle:

Top 5 tweets from other schools:

Replies to other tweets:


The challenge overall was a fun experience. As a frequent Twitter user, I enjoyed tweeting with a specific purpose and promoting my University. Therefore it was not too difficult to accomplish this task once I was able to get on campus and take the pictures.  It was also fun knowing that other schools were involved in the Scavenger hunt as well and interacting with those students gave a different perspective on the challenge.  It was great being able to see the pictures of other campuses and the favorite spots of other students.  I’ve seen a lot of positive feedback from classmates and students at other schools praising the Twitter Scavenger Hunt because of the value it has to the course.


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