What led you to Journalism?

At some point in our college careers we are faced with the difficult decision of choosing a major. Some of us know what we want to do our whole lives, and some of us don’t figure that out until we arrive at college.

Jeremy Porter, the editor and co-founder of Journalistics, decided to major in Economic Criminal Investigation but quickly switched to Journalism and Public Relations after realizing the demanding amount of math involved. Porter was involved in his high school newspaper, an underground newspaper and the editor of his yearbook.  He loved it all and asks his readers to share their own stories of how they were led to a career or prospective career in journalism or public relations.

Throughout my entire life I had an ongoing interest in sports. I played sports in high school and I knew that was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life, but as I matured I realized that this dream was becoming farther and farther away from reality. It was a dream. But I also had a tangible skill as a writer. I realized during my junior year of high school that if I couldn’t play sports in college I would use my skill to do the next best thing. I knew that I could use my skills and experiences to contribute to the world of sports, so I got involved..

  • I wrote for my school newspaper
  • I started an online blog to allow myself to write as often as possible
  • I challenged myself to write articles, poems, short stories, etc.
  • I read newspapers and online articles every day to become more acclimated with the writing style
  • I altered my perspective to look at school and my writing assignments as opportunities to better myself

I prepared myself for my life after sports so that I would be ready to dive into journalism when I got to college. I knew that I would be majoring in journalism and have not thought twice about my decision. I am happy with what I am doing and the path that I am currently on. I just hope that my journey leads me somewhere that I can combine my love for sports and my passion for writing.



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