Next Generation of Journalism Education

I recently participated in the #wjchat on Wednesday night via This was my first time using Tweetchat and I was not exactly sure what to expect. I half expected a chaotic stream of tweets and retweets that had nothing substantial to bring to the table, but I was pleasantly surprised by how the chat was facilitated by the moderator for the chat session. It was organized very well as the host would take questions for the beginning portion and then ask questions to the participants in the chat for the rest of the time. Here were a few of my contributions to the chat and the brief conversations that came to be:

Here are a few of my favorite tweets from the chat:

Host Dave Stanton addressed the primary issue by defining the “pipeline problem” in journalism as newsrooms wanting to hire people with a specific skillset that is impossible to produce en masse. One of the tweets addresses the issue of schools focusing too much on basic reporting skills rather than other specific skills that could ultimately be more critical in landing a job after college. Every student majoring in journalism is aware of basic news reporting skills. It seems like every class I take I am learning the basics of AP Style or how to properly write a lead. I want to learn something that will give me an advantage over the thousands of journalism students throughout the nation. With this tweet a good point is brought up and the fact that I do not know anything about the areas that she mentioned exemplifies the need for education in specific areas of journalism. NJ News Commons brings up another good point when it asked how fake news shows like Daily Show often do better journalism than we (real journalists) do. I was hoping this question would spark a debate or at the very least a discussion because this is an issue that is currently relevant in our society. Do these fake news shows actually do a better job of journalism than actual journalists? I would understand these shows attracting more viewers or possibly receiving higher ratings purely because they take a comical approach to reporting the news. However, I think that more people would say that media outlets like Fox News or CNN are more reliable than Daily Show or Colbert Report.




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