NBA Playoffs: Can anyone beat the Heat?

I created a story on storify about the Miami Heat’s remarkable season and how their success is likely to transfer into the NBA playoffs.  The Heat have consistently been the best team in the league all season and that was most apparent during their 52 day, 27-game winning streak which came to an end against the Chicago Bulls.  The team has been led by superstar Lebron James for years now and he has established himself as a dominant force on the basketball court.  My storify curates Tweets and Facebook statuses that support the claim that the Heat will cruise through the conference in the playoffs and find their niche in the finals.  Many people predict a Miami Heat vs. Oklahoma City Thunder matchup which would be the two teams with the best records in their respective conferences.  The Heat have one their first game of their series against the Milwaukee Bucks by a score of 110-87.  Miami is expected to win the series in a four game sweep and go on to do the same in their next series.  Lebron and the Heat have received plenty of fan support all year and seem to thrive on the confidence that fans have in their play.  Along with tweets and statuses, the storify contains videos, photos and links to further tell the story as well.


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